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We are an experienced Multi- Disciplinary Paediatric Team made up of a Paediatrician, Specialist Speech and Language Therapists and a Specialist Clinical Psychologist

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We provide timely Multi-Disciplinary  Private Autism (ASD) assessments in keeping with current NICE Guidelines & Private ADHD Assessments carried out by our Paediatrician also in keeping with best practice

What is Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that presents with differences in how people perceive the world around them, how they perceive emotions in themselves and in others and how they interact with others. At Templepatrick Paediatric Clinic we consider Autism as a different style of thinking involving  positive attributes which have enriched the lives of many in society. We passionately support the concept of Neurodiversity in humans and consider both Autism and ADHD as a variation of human behaviour.  Different but not less.

Autism is a spectrum condition which means while people on the spectrum share similar core difficulties they can also have significant differences- some people with Autism are incredibly bright and academically very able and others may have learning difficulties ranging from profound to mild. We aim at clinic to support children and families in a compassionate way to meet their full potential. Our Paediatricians have long standing experience within the NHS  in assessing child development and neurodevelopmental disorders.

What is ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Children with ADHD can find it hard to concentrate, can act without thinking and may be overactive. ADHD can be further subdivided into mainly inattentive, mainly hyperactive or combined type ADHD.

ADHD is an actual condition and if diagnosed appropriately and found to be in the moderate to severe range would tend to benefit from stimulant or non-stimulant medication as well as supportive behavioural strategies. At clinic we aim to support parents and young people in understanding both their differences and strengths and embracing their diagnosis to live fulfilled lives. We provide advice in ensuring children are supported in all environments. Our Paediatrician has long standing experience in managing ADHD and associated conditions within the NHS. from early childhood right through to early adulthood. 

Throughout the course of our careers it has been a pleasure to spend time with children and their families and learn what interventions have worked, what has been difficult for them and watch their progress over time. We recognise the importance of understanding neurodiversity from the "inside out" and listen to those who have first hand experience of it. Our team members continually stay up to date with all new developments in ASD and ADHD. 

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